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Branded Pest Defense offers monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly service programs. Each program covers general pests that are all common to the Magnolia area. These recurring service plans are affordable and customizable, so you can select a frequency that works best for you. FAQs:

Ant Control FAQs:

Depends on ant species. Specific products maintain longer control than others.

Possible on a short term basis

Some ants at night others during cooler times of day

This is species specific so depends on what we are treating.

Bed Bug Control FAQs:

Can be immediate

Within a matter of weeks

Usually 24 hours

No more than a couple of times

Anytime you see evidence of them

When you see them

Flea/Tick Control FAQs:

Infest both humans and animals. Prefer carpet over floor. Attracted to lighter colors over dark. Prefer to be in shade over direct sunlight.

4-6 months

Keeping indoor pets clean and treated

Vacuum regularly and comb pets

By treating pets regularly

Can cause health issues in pets and dermal issues in humans

Can be depending on active ingredients

Beginning of Spring

Mosquito Control FAQs:

Prevents mosquito born diseases


Depending on what the stage of mosquito life cycle is being treated

As often as they are active during the season

At least every 14 days

Rodent Control FAQs:

Keeps yards clean, remove trash, seal up openings, use of snap traps, using baiting techniques

Proper selection of control method

Live trapping

Any time they are active, in the fall mostly

Yes – they can be controlled

BPD does not recommend this

Depends on infestation

Stinging Insect Control FAQs:

Depends on what insect is doing the stinging

Some lose their stingers, some have venom

Depending on the insect; wear proper clothing


Some may carry venom in their stingers

Termite Control FAQs:

Expect the termite treatment to begin taking control

Once every 8 years



Proper products lasts up to 8 years

Very likely

Grass Turf Management FAQs:

By using proper fertilizer blend and herbicide

If products are overused

Best to trim and weed eat around these areas

What To Expect

Residential pest management from Branded Pest Defense is convenient, safe, and effective. We are passionate about creating a pest control plan that fits your needs and budget by adapting our services to meet your lifestyle. We check for:

Suspicious debris
Branches touching the house
Conducive conditions
Condition of trash containers
Condition of weather stripping
Exterior for cracks
Foundation barrier
Food debris in the kitchen
Leaks and water damage


Treating the interior of the home focusing on entry points
Inspecting and treating the attic
Dewebbing around the house
Treating 3-5 feet out from the foundation of the home
Refill and monitor bait stations, if required
Refill and monitor mosquito traps or misting systems, if required