residential pest control

Let Branded Pest Defense Defend What Matters

Branded Pest Defense offers monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly service programs. Each program covers general pests that are all common to the Magnolia area. These recurring service plans are affordable and customizable, so you can select a frequency that works best for you.

Our typical service visit lasts 30 to 45 minutes per home to ensure the best possible pest control services. No shortcuts here!

What To Expect

Residential pest management from Branded Pest Defense is convenient, safe, and effective. We are passionate about creating a pest control plan that fits your needs and budget by adapting our services to meet your lifestyle. We check for:

Suspicious debris
Branches touching the house
Conducive conditions
Condition of trash containers
Condition of weather stripping
Exterior for cracks
Foundation barrier
Food debris in the kitchen
Leaks and water damage


Treating the interior of the home focusing on entry points
Inspecting and treating the attic
Dewebbing around the house
Treating 3-5 feet out from the foundation of the home
Refill and monitor bait stations, if required
Refill and monitor mosquito traps or misting systems, if required